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Travel to Italy and you'll never be the same. Stroll the placid canals of Venice, live the dream in a Tuscany villa, or hike the UNESCO-recognized Cinque Terre. The famous boot-shaped country has something for everyone. Italy has many beautiful and historic cities with good restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Traveling by train is the best way to visit Italian cities as driving and parking are difficult. Each city has its own character and attractions so use this guide to find the top cities to visit on your travels to Italy.

Beauty, art, food, wine, ravishing landscapes, and fashion: Italy seems dedicated to enjoying the good life. But why restrict yourself to Rome, Venice, and Florence magnificent as they are when so many other fascinating towns beckon? Here's our guide to ten of Italy's must-see gems.

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Italy's Big Three Travel Destinations
Everyone knows them: Rome, Venice and Florence. While you're in Florence, you'll want to make your way to other destinations in Tuscany. One of the big mistakes travelers make is to try to see this triumvirate in 10 days. While you can certainly travel to each of them within ten days, you won't really get to experience any of the depth of these diverse and interesting places. If you only have a very short time, I'd recommend a tour--one that whisks you from place to place efficiently.

You don't want to spend your time waiting for trains if you've only a short vacation. The fix is, of course, to ask for more vacation time. Even if you have to take it without pay, it'll cost you less to go once and see more than to go twice but see less each time. It's those fixed costs, the airline tickets and the jet lagged days lost, that get you in the end.

Italy is one of those countries about which you probably have quite a number of preconceptions before you have put one foot into the country. A country of olive oil and mafia, pasta, wine and sunshine, roman ruins and renaissance palaces, Italy has a lot to offer its visitors. Although some of these images are appealing, it would be a shame if that was the only thing you come away with.

Italy is certainly much more complex and interesting than that.

Italy is a modern country with deep Roman Catholic roots, full of interesting stuff for the casual tourist and even more for the educated visitor. It is easy to spend two weeks in major tourist centers without any reason to get bored, but it is equally simple to get off the beaten track.

In the north, next to the Alps and the flatlands of the Po river, both cultural jewels and highly developed industrial cities attract. This is where Italy's economic heart beats, but even in the bustling cities, people live the "la vita Italiana".

In Lombardia's capital Milan, city of haute couture and business, you can easily spend weeks without being bored. Bergamo is only an hour away and has an upper Old Town.

On every corner you will discover something new. The most famous tourist attractions in the north-east are Venice and Verona, that both let you think of romantic love affairs. To discover the beautiful landscapes around, for example, the Verona province may be even more fascinating.





Italy Regions

Abruzzo Basilicata Calabria Campania Emilia-Romagna Friuli-Venezia Giulia Lazio (Latium) Liguria Lombardia (Lombardy) Marche Molise Piemonte (Piedmont) Puglia (Apulia) Sardegna (Sardinia) Sicilia (Sicily) Toscana (Tuscany) Trentino-Alto Adige Umbria Valle d`Aosta Veneto


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Map of Italy - Italy Map
Arcaini's Italy Map Click on any Region to navigate to an enlarged Page. Misc Locations. River Po · San Vito Chietino · Striano · Vittuone · Le Cinque Terre
italy map and map of italy information page
PRINT the MAP A Brief Description Italy was certainly influenced by many powerful cultures and political forces over time, including the Byzantines,

Detailed Map of Italy, Italy Travel Guides, Weather, Italy News

Detailed Map of Italy: on-line Italy Map, Weather forecast for major cities, Travel guide, Italian Tours, Italy News.

This is a map of Italy, showing all of the regions (or autonomous communities). You can click on any of the regions to see a detailed map for the region.

Large map of Italy map This is a large physical map of Italy showing the locations of major cities. You can view maps for each of the regions to get more detail, including the locations of less major cities, and road maps.


Useful Telephone Numbers
Emergency (English-speaking police): 113
Emergency (military police): 112
Medical Emergency: 118
Fire Emergency: 115
Road Service: 116
Directory Assistance (Italian-speaking automated voice): 12
Telephone Help: (English-speaking, free): 170


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